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Polar GPS-ready RCX3 Training Computer with H2 Heart Rate Sensor

Product Description

$89.99 $199.99

The Polar RCX3 is a GPS-ready sports watch for recreational runners and cyclists who want smart guidance while preparing for an event. The RCX3 interprets what users’ heart data says to provide simple-to-understand guidance at every step – making their training smarter.  The Polar RCX3 features Smart Coaching that provides guidance in terms of planning, training and analyzing each session in detail. It helps users train at the right intensity with personalized sport zones, sport-specific training data for a variety of endurance sports and instant feedback after each session for a quick motivational training analysis.

The RCX3 training computer has a large user-configurable display which can show up to three rows of training data on one screen. With just a few button presses, the Sport Profiles can adjust the training computer’s display settings to the sport being performed.  Four Sport Profiles come pre-loaded into the RCX3, including settings for two bikes which creates ease for cyclists when switching bikes.


    • Polar RCX3 training computer
    • Polar H2 Heart Rate Strap
    • RCX3 Getting Started Guide

    ​​Heart Rate Features: 

    • Measuring Range (15-240)
    • Average and maximum heart rate of each lap
    • Average, minimum and maximum heart rate of training
    • Heart rate – bpm/% - Heart rate is the measurement of the work your heart does. 
    • HRmax (age-based) - The highest number of heart beats per minute (bpm) during maximum physical exertion. 
    • HRmax (user set)

    Training Features:

    • Automatic lap recording - With this feature you can set your training computer to take laps based on preset distance
    • Fitness Test - Tells you exactly what you need to know in just five minutes by regularly comparing your test results
    • Training Benefit - You get a quick overview after each session. 

    Target Zone Features:

    • Graphical target zone indicator - This feature points out graphically on the display the zone you are in during a training session helping you to stay on the desired intensity zone.
    • Number of laps – 99
    • Sport Profiles (4 fixed sport profiles) - Sport Profiles provide true multisport support with a swift switch between different sports during training. 
    • ZoneLock - Helps you to accumulate certain intensity. You can either lock a zone before a training session or during it by pressing a button when you are on the desired zone.
    • ZoneOptimizer - Get the exact training effect you’re looking for as the feature adjusts your five heart rate training zones to perfectly match your body’s current physiological condition.
    • ZonePointer - A visible and moving symbol on the training computer display indicating whether you are inside the pre-set target zone.  
    • Polar sport zones provide an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training and to follow sport zones based training programs. 

    Recording Features:

    • Totals - Includes your training data starting from the last reset enabling you to follow your long-term training.
    • Training files with summaries 99
    • Weekly history - Gathers your weekly training data. By selecting a week, you can review your training data for the week.

    Display Features:

    • Backlight
    • KeyLock - By activating KeyLock, training computer buttons are locked, and accidental presses do not cause problems, for instance, during training.
    • Training computer settings - You can edit your training computer settings with the WebSync software.
    • Display text in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish
    • Units displayed in metric (kg/cm) or imperial (lb/ft)

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