G.O.A.T. Pet Bluetooth Speaker - As Seen on Shark Tank!

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Get the Deal Guys' pick for hottest gift of 2019 - the award winning speaker seen on Shark Tank, Family Choice Awards and Vanguard Awards! 

Why does a speaker have to be plain and boring when it can be fun! These unique speakers may be tiny but don’t let the size fool you, these adorable fun-sized speakers give you big sound from a tiny source.

The speakers come in four super cute pet versions - you can pick your favorite or collect them all. These awesome little speakers will bring the fun and joy of music and dance back into your home, allow your children to listen to their own streaming music or even give your pet their own voice with the free app available for Apple and Android phones. 

Don't miss out on the hottest gift item of the season at this special limited time price!


  • Comes in four super cute pet versions - collect them all! They make great gifts too!
  • The tiniest, cutest, most awesome Bluetooth speaker on the planet wants to come home with you! This little guy will bring the fun, joy of music, and dance back into your home.
  • These speakers can be used by you or your kids or they can be attached to your pet's collar thanks to the innovative clip
  • Not only do these speakers rock, they are 100% portable with their rechargeable built-in batteries meaning you can take your music wherever you go.
  • Integrated selfie button allows you to take pictures on your phone with one click so you don’t have to ask strangers, you’re welcome. 
  • Easy Bluetooth connection connects to your smartphone, tablet, and most other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Selfie remote: You can use the power button on the bottom of your pet speaker to activate the shutter on your phone’s camera app when connected via Bluetooth.
  • Music Outdoors: Stream your favorite walking/running music. Walk/run safer by not needing headphones or earbuds. Enjoy, AMAZING sound quality at a level you and your pet are comfortable with.
  • Music Indoors: Stream classical or lullaby music for a soothing relaxing/calming affect. For peaceful naptimes and/or to stay calm during high-anxiety times (storms/fireworks).

G.O.A.T. Speaker App:

  • Customize your pet speaker responses with your own voice, or type in phrases for your pet to "speak". Choose from 20+ languages (Siri-like voice)
  • Custom Profile: Upload your favorite picture of your dog/cat to customize the home screen of the app and additional custom options.
  • Have your pet greet their friends by name, ask family members to take them for a walk. You know your pet best, what do they have to say?
  • Speak to your pet from a different room. Remind them to stop bad behavior, speak training commands and praises. 
  • Calendar: Your pets personal calendar. Organize play-dates, appointments, walking/medication schedule, milestones etc.
  • Available on Apple App Store and Google Play.


  • Quick Bluetooth connect, with or without the app
  • Built-in quick charge rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours play time
  • Size: less than 2 inches and weighs only 1.41 oz., about the size of a golf ball


  • Pet Speaker
  • 24" USB charger
  • Built in clip easily attaches to any backpack, purse, clothing, pet collar, leash, bird cage or on the pet-parent
  • 7" Lanyard for additional attachment

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