10 Projects to do Around the House this Fall That Require a Ladder

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Every fall the weather gets a little milder and the holiday season rolls around which inevitably ­­­means you have a few projects around the house you will need to get done.

  1. Clean Your Gutters
  2. Touch-Up Exterior Paint
  3. Wash Your Windows
  4. Change your Lightbulbs
  5. Trim Low Hanging Branches
  6. Paint a Room in Your House
  7. Hang Halloween Decorations
  8. Hang Christmas Lights
  9. Decorate Your Christmas Tree
  10. Clean Out Your Garage or Closets

Don't you love fall and enjoy seeing the show that nature puts on with all of the many colors of leaves around the house?  Unfortunately, many of those leaves seem to end up gutters.  This causes several problems from clogs to critters.  When leaves clog your gutters, rainwater can back-up and get in places you don’t want it to get causing rotting or leaks.  It also makes a cozy environment for insects and/or critters to take up residence in your gutters.  

While you are cleaning out those gutters, you might notice some spots that need some touch-up paint or just how dirty your windows are.  Then there are those low hanging branches you will need to trim back off the house and the list goes on.

Once you get the outside of your house cleaned up, you’ll be ready to decorate for Halloween and then Christmas.  This undoubtedly will involve hanging ghosts from trees or lights from eaves.  Then you can finally go inside and change all your light bulbs to LED and finish painting the bedroom you started painting months ago.  Finally, you are ready to put up your Christmas tree and decorate the house for Christmas.  Once it’s all over, you’ll need to clean out the garage and store your seasonal items in high places. 

All of these projects are going to require a ladder.  If you are moving a ladder around your house, you are going to want one that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.  To get you in the proper position, you will need a versatile ladder with adjustable heights.  Of course, you’d like to feel safe while accomplishing all these fall projects around the house, which means you’ll need a ladder that is rated for 300 pounds.

Dealsie.com has found the perfect ladder to help you with your fall to do list.  Check out the Workman model 17 multipurpose ladder that gives you exactly what you need in a ladder.  It has the versatility of three different ladder types - stepladder, extension ladder, and staircase ladder - in adjustable heights.  You’ll also get the benefit of the safety that comes from enhanced safety features and an OSHA/ANSI rating of 300 pounds. 

The Workman Model 17 gives you the quality that you only get after decades of experience in the multipurpose ladder market.  All of this, plus it’s 20% lighter than the most popular competitor.  We guarantee the quality of our ladders to meet or exceed any other ladder on the market. 












Here are all the innovations and specifications that set this ladder apart from the others in the industry.


  • Lighter weight - over 20% lighter than competitors while still maintaining 300LB Type IA rating
  • Innovative feet - larger foot pad with transverse tread pattern for stability in all directions
  • Larger hinge rivet cross sectional area for long durability and strength
  • Improved rung tread pattern for better slip resistance
  • Wider hinge for extreme resistance to buckling
  • New back brace design to reduce potential injuries to hands when lowering the ladder


  • Model: WL-0117
  • Ladder Weight: 30.85 lbs.
  • ANSI Duty Rating: Type IA
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • A-Frame Height Min: 4 ft A-Frame Height Max: 7 ft
  • Extension Height Min: 9 ft Extension Height Max: 15 ft
  • Designed and Engineered in the USA. 

 All that and you will save $70 off the retail price today when you get your Workman Model 17 at Dealsie.com for only $179.99 with free shipping to your door.


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