Fall Travel Plans? This Is What You Need To Pack

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Do you have fall travel plans?  Whether you are hitting the roads or flying the skies, we have tips for you.

1.  Pack what you need where you need it.  

If you are hitting the road, this will probably be a little easier for you.  You don't have to think about liquids and TSA rules.  You can load up and pack what you need in a large suitcase.  You can pack snacks and anything else you might need to reach while you are driving in a smaller bag that will fit within reach.  

If you are flying the skies, packing can be a little more complicated.  Depending on how long you will be traveling, you might need a checked bag and a carry on.  You'll need to check on what size bag your airline will allow as a carry on.  If you are allowed and you think there will be plenty of overhead space, pack a carry on suitcase and a personal item like a backpack or purse that you can put under the seat.  Be sure to pack anything you might need for at least one night in your suitcase.  That way if your luggage is delayed, you will have your essentials.  I always include my bathing suit in that carry on if I am going to a place where I will need it.  I would hate to get to my destination and not be able to swim.  In your personal item, put snacks, electronics, and anything else you might want to access during the flight.  Here are some beautiful leather bags that would make great personal items.

2.  Make sure your luggage does not get lost or stolen.

The stats don't lie! Twenty-six million suitcases go missing each year.  Think about it.  How many black suitcases do you see at baggage claim?  It seems like every suitcase out there is black. How easy is it for someone to grab the wrong suitcase, for you to grab the wrong suitcase?  How easy is it for someone to steal your black suitcase on purpose?  After all, they can just claim they picked it up by mistake.  I know, you think you've got everything covered with that little ribbon you tie on the handle, but what happens if that comes off?

Your best defense against lost or stolen luggage is to carry luggage that is unique and stands out from the crowd.  Something that no one will mistake as their own.  Something that no one would attempt to steal.  Something that is so unique you don't have to tie a ribbon onto it to identify it.  Check out these options for totally unique pieces of luggage.

3. Keep your credit cards and identification safe and handy at the same time.

Whether you are flying or driving, you will need to keep some form of identification on you.  You will also have to be sure that you do not misplace that identification or put it in a place where it could get stolen.  Chances are you are going to put it in your personal item or carry on bag.  If you are traveling with your passport, you will need something larger than your standard wallet.  Here are some options that would allow you to put your passport, credit cards and boarding passes in the same place.

Another thing you can do to keep your credit cards and identity safe is to carry a wallet with RFID protection.  Did you know someone could steal your identity without ever stealing your wallet?  It's true.  Identity thieves can simply scan your wallet and steal your information.  Wallets with RFID protection are lined with a special material to prevent identity thieves from getting your information.  Check out these options for RFID protection wallets.


 RFID Protection Wallets

4.  Have a plan for roadside emergencies.

If you are driving, you should always have a plan and be prepared in case of a minor or major emergency.  See the list of 20 Useful Items Everyone Should Keep In Their Cars At All Times.  Here is a very helpful and handy kit that has all twenty items.

5.  Keep your car or house keys in a safe place.

Have you ever gone somewhere and lost your keys?  This happens.  Maybe you are flying and you won't be needing your keys until you get back to the airport and need to drive your home.  Maybe you are driving and someone misplaces your keys when you are unpacking and getting settled.  You get ready to go and you can't find them anywhere.  What's the solution?  Make sure you know where you put your keys by making sure they are visible with a good old fashion solution - a key chain.  Check out these key chains in stand out colors.

6.  Stay in touch and entertained.

Don't forget to pack your earbuds.  You will need these.  You might need them for hands free communications on the road or in-flight entertainment in the sky.  Either way you want to make sure everyone in your group or family has a pair of comfortable earbuds when they travel.  Here is a great pair of earbuds to get you trough your travels.

One last item that you can throw in your carry on or personal bag and you are sure to be glad you did, is a portable speaker.  You can play your music or anything else on a portable speaker.  Sink it to your phone via blue tooth.  Here is one that is even water proof so you can take it to the pool or shower.  It's so small that it's perfect for travel.  Check it out here.

Where are your favorite places to travel to in fall and what are you packing in your bag?

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